Social Butterfly

How can Social butterflies ring the till?

What attracts a butterfly in real life? Food substance, the need to live or propagation. Then the same can be said of an online digital social butterfly. So how do we attract this species? How do we feed its needs while making a dollar?

A MYOB report (October 2012) states 86% of NZers use the internet every day. I am guessing probably the other 14% of NZers live in the bush without internet or are too small to reach the keyboard, smartphone, tablet or TV remote. This same report indicates NZ business, specifically small businesses are slow to take advantage of social media yet 35% have their own website.

The reasons given for this slow adoption of social media by small business owner are, not being “tech-savvy” or stating we already have a website why do we now need social media as well? The report is clear social media is treated as low priority when comparing it to core business functions, mainly due to a lack of resources or expertise.

When the internet first exploded down our dialup modems at the alarming speed of 9600 bits per second we were continual warned the internet is dangerous. “Do not let your firewall down or who knows what sorts of digital bugs can come in?” I believe this type of comment has instilled a fear in managers and owners of small business of internet use. Perhaps they have past experience of virus attacks and the following large IT costs required to repair broken software have left a strong miss trust of placing their data in the cloud.

According to NZ Ministry of Business small businesses dominate our industries in New Zealand and likely to be run by a male aged between 40-59 years old. When these managers or directors were at school computers were larger than cars and the internet was still a dream. No wonder social media is struggling to gain traction.

So how can small business (SME) use social media to bring in more business? You could encourage connecting to your customer base through a Facebook site, or maybe write a blog about your products or services, ask for feedback on potential product changes. Good communication with your customers or potentials clients will give a business the knowledge and strategy of where their business needs to head.

My title asks the question “How can Social butterflies ring the till?” By using social media you gain a better connection to your clients and gain more clients as you explore into their social networks. Sites like Linkedin help build relationships with suppliers or similar business and help human resources, source new skilled employees. All without using expensive consultants and social media tools to create these links to clients are free, so get started today. If you are in the over 40 plus bracket in age maybe you should ask your kids how to use Twitter or Facebook first.

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What is a Social Butterfly?

Looking in the mirror you ask yourself a question “Have I become a Social Butterfly?”

The wary face looking back, hears the question but the answer is not clear. You think why am I so tired? Suddenly your mind fills with images, your mind churns news items flash in and out but no one memory sticks. Pictures spill into view wrapped in sound but nothing again stands out. Could it be the long hours last night prowling on Facebook and YouTube have numbed the brains function or perhaps you are actually overloaded with information and unable to process it.

Wikipedia gives the community meaning of a Social Butterfly and I quote “A social butterfly is a slang term for a person who is socially dynamic, networking, charismatic, and personally gregarious. Gregarious simply means fond of company or sociable. With the growth of social software the use of sites such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, have become daily hangouts for busy people. It is a quick fix to see what happen last night, last week or even 10 minutes ago in a friend’s life. I am sure you have logged onto a social media site such as Facebook to check your news and have seen 30 minutes disappear into history. When your awareness of time resumes, you take note of the information on screen and discover it has nothing to do with your profile page. Clever advertising or your friend’s shares have offered you holidays, games and all sorts of promotions to learn more about. This means at some stage you have chosen to click on a link, sending you to business site within Facebook to learn what was on offer or experienced the same information your friend did. Of course we trust our friends they would not put us wrong!

Facebook is happy they make money from advertisers and the advertisers are happy as you flit around Facebook spreading their information across your social network. Hang on a minute these advertisers should be paying me I hear you say, they after all are using your friend list. Facebook’s answer is advertisements keeps Facebook free to its members. reported Mark Zuckerburg, CEO of Facebook, stated on the 4th October 2012 Facebook reached a historic milestone of 1 billion Facebook users. With the world population stated at 7.046 billion people in 2012 Facebook is accessed by 1 seventh of the world population. Staggering numbers from a company only started at Harvard University in 2004. Now according to the Statistic Brain in the January 2014 the total number of monthly active Facebook users is 1.3 billion a 24 % increase over two years. It goes on to state 48% of all Facebook users log on each day, this continuation of service has made the original founders of Facebook the youngest billionaires in the world. Social Butterflies are big business!

How did you get your business to make money from Social Butterflies?

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